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palatal expansion case studies

Clinical cases

Explore the practical application of the Leaf Expander® through our detailed clinical cases. These cases highlight the effectiveness of our non-invasive orthodontic solutions in everyday life.

Use of Leaf Expander® in the treatment of transversal maxillary deficit in adult patient: a case report

Dott.ssa Maria Elena Grecolini, Dott. Alberto Casali, Dott. Daniel Celli, Odt. Gianluca Mele

Bollettino Leone n.101

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Leaf Expander® The New Horizons of Maxillary Expansion in Interceptive Orthodontics

Dr. Claudio Lanteri, Dr.ssa Valentina Lanteri, Dr. Alessandro Gianolio, Dr. Matteo Beretta, Dr.ssa Claudia Cherchi

Bollettino Leone n.100

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MaXimo: a new intraoral distalizer anchored on palatal mini screws

Dr. Giuseppe Perinetti, Dr.ssa Beatrice Dal Borgo, Dr. Luca Contardo

Bollettino Leone n.98

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Clinical procedure with Leaf Expander® : a case study

Dott. Claudio Lanteri, Dott.ssa Valentina Lanteri, Dott. Matteo Beretta, Dott. Alessandro Gianolio

Bollettino Leone n.97

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A new device for the slow expansion of the upper jaw: the nickel-titanium MEMORIA leaf-springs reactivated expander®

Dr. Alessandro Gianolio, Dr. Claudio Lanteri, Dr.ssa Valentina Lanteri, Dr.ssa Claudia Cherchi

Bollettino Leone n.93

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The Slow Amortized Expander (E.L.A.)

Dr. Claudio Lanteri Dr. Matteo Beretta, Dr.ssa Valentina Lanteri

Bollettino Leone n.79

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THE SLOW AMORTIZED EXPANDER (E.L.A.): a new maxillary expansion device

Dr. Claudio Lanteri, Dr. Fabrizio Lerda, Odt. Filippo Francolini

Bollettino Leone n.74

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