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Leaf Expander® Series

no home activation


Swipe over and watch the expansion achieved with Leaf Expander® 450gr / 6mm, in 4 months

Why Leaf Expander®

The palatal expansion appliance series for a compliance-free therapy

Complete control of the maxillary expansion thanks to the predetermined, calibrated and constant forces released by the nickel-titanium MEMORIA® Leaf Springs.

Thanks to the unique characteristics of these expanders, daily home re-activation of the expander is not necessary. Leaf Expander® reactivation is performed by a clinician according to the suggested protocol, while the Leaf Self-activated Expander® model does not require re-activation either at home or by a clinician.

Prof.ssa Valentina Lanteri

Associate Professor in Orthodontics | UNIMORE University Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

I use the Leaf Expander® successfully whenever I need to solve a transversal discrepancy in young and adult patients. The nickel-titanium springs deliver calibrated and continuous forces allowing a predictable and pain-free expansion. In addition, since I don't have to rely on the parents' cooperation I have drastically reduced the number of control visits, optimizing my chair time to the mutual benefit of my clinic and the parents' schedules.
Pain free maxillary expansion

Leaf Expander®

Validated activation protocol

Follow-up visits reduced by 50%
(With respect to conventional RPE)

Caso 1

Treatment start

Caso 2

Treatment end

Leaf Self Expander®

No compliance or operator dependency

No risk of overtreatment

Caso 1

Treatment start

Caso 2

Treatment end

Photo: Courtesy of Dr.ssa V. Lanteri

CAD CAM Tooth borne

Leaf Expander® & Leaf Self Expander®
Less chair time
Better predictability
More comfort
Higher reliability

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For U.S. Market: 3DLeone Designer Labs
Leaf & Leaf Self Expanders® Material

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3D Leone Designer

Give shape to the orthodontics of the future with the first software for digital design of customised frameworks for innovative CAD-CAM expanders.

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International symposium

Contemporary methods for space gaining

Lack of space is one of the most common problems in orthodontics. The speakers will address this issue by presenting the latest scientific and clinically proven therapies according to the age of the patient.

The clinical results of a unique spring-loaded expander and appliances anchored to TADs will be presented in detail, as well as digital workflow production in the laboratory.

  • Date: September 7, 2024
  • Venue: New York City
  • Lecturers: Prof. O. Nicolay, Dr.Nicolas Freda, Dr. Maria Elena Grecolini, Dr.Giuseppe Perinetti
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Descrizione Immagine

3D Software course

3D Leone Designer course

Explore the innovative 3DLeone Designer software in our course dedicated to dental laboratories. This training provides a thorough understanding of how to streamline your workflow from analog to digital using the Leone® Cad-Cam system.

Learn to design and export precise expanders for flawless integration and laser welding, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy in dental treatments.

  • Dates to be announced
  • Venue: Florence - Italy
  • Lecturers: Odt. Tommaso Briganti, Odt, Giacomo Bartolini
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