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Innovative Solutions in Palatal Expansion

Scientific Publications

Research on the Leaf Expander® plays an important role in non-invasive orthodontics. Many scientific publications highlight our attention for cutting-edge biomechanical solutions that allow the patient to get better results without daily adjustment

Leaf Expander®, la vite a espansione per infiniti dispositivi ortodontici

Cristian Casuia

Suso News, XXIII, 2 - 2024

Evolution of the Leaf Expander®: A Maxillary Self Expander

Camporesi M, Franchi L, Doldo T, Defraia E

BioMedical Engineering OnLine 2013, 12:128

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Nuove prospettive dell' espansione mascellare: il Leaf Expander®

C. Lanteri, M. Beretta, A. Gianolio, C. Cherchi, V. Lanteri

Doctor OS Novembre-Dicembre 2018 - XXIX 09

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Espansione mascellare senza collaborazione del paziente: un caso esemplificativo

Lanteri C, Lanteri V, Beretta M, Gianolio A, Cherchi C

Italian Dental Journal 9/2018

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Comparison between RME, SME and Leaf Expander® in growing patients: a retrospective postero-anterior cephalometric study

Lanteri V, Cossellu G, Gianolio A, Beretta M, Lanteri C, Cherchi C, Farronato G

European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry vol. 19/3-2018

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Leaf expander®: nuevos horizontes de la expansión maxilar en ortodoncia interceptiva

Lanteri V, Angelino E, Beretta M, Gianolio A, Lanteri C, Farronato G

Revista Espanola de Ortodoncia

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Maxillary tridimensional changes after slow expansion with leaf expander® in a sample of growing patients: a pilot study

V. Lanteri, A. Gianolio, G. Gualandi, M. Beretta

European Journal of pediatric dentistry vol. 19/1-2018

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The Leaf Expander® for Non-Compliance Treatment in the Mixed Dentition

C. Lanteri, M. Beretta, V. Lanteri, A. Gianolio, C. Cherchi, L. Franchi

Journal of Clinical Orthodontics Volume 50 : Number 09 : Pages (552-560) 2016

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Procedura clinica di espansione del mascellare superiore: un caso esemplificativo

C. Lanteri, V. Lanteri, M. Beretta, A. Gianolio

Italian Dental Journal Anno XI Numero 8/2016

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Espansione del mascellare superiore con il Leaf Expander®

Claudio Lanteri, Valentina Lanteri, Alessandro Gianolio, Matteo Beretta, Claudia Cherchi

Dental Tribune Italian Edition - Giugno 2016 - anno XII n.6

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Espansione del mascellare superiore con il Leaf Expander®

C.Lanteri, V.Lanteri, A.Gianolio, M. Beretta, C. Cherchi

Ortho Tribune - Ottobre 2016, Anno 10 n.2

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Rapid and slow maxillary expansion: a posteroanterior cephalometric study

Dott. Gianolio A, Dr.ssa Cherchi C, Dr.ssa Lanteri V

European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry vol. 15/4-2014

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