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Revealing the Benefits of the Leaf Expander® Series

Educational videos

Research on the Leaf Expander® delves into non-invasive orthodontics. Many scientific publications prove our attention for cutting-edge biomechanical solutions that allow the patient to get better results without daily adjustment

International webinar

Bioprogressive maxillary expansion in Early Treatment

We are honoured to introduce Dr. Alessandro Gianolio who contributed to develop the Leaf Expander® series.

His clinical insights and expertise have been pivotal in refining our orthodontic devices and pioneering new solutions. Dr. Gianolio's presentation delves into the innovative Leaf Expander®, a device crafted for challenging orthodontic cases that simplifies treatment and minimizes patient discomfort.

This session explores the deep impacts of this advanced technology in the field of orthodontics.

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orthodontic video course

Use of the Leaf Expander® in Adult Patients

Explore the evolution of the Leaf Expander®, an innovative orthodontic device that revolutionized treatment methods.

Originally developed with reactivatable steel springs, the device was transformed in 2013 by Professor Lanteri into a sophisticated system featuring dual and triple leaf spring mechanisms.

This breakthrough has enabled more precise and minimally invasive expansions, significantly impacting orthodontic practices and patient experiences. The Leaf Expander®'s efficacy was highlighted in a pivotal 2016 study, featured on the cover of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics.

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